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Fiona Laidlaw (Senior M&A Advisor, Flippa)

June 7, 2024

Fiona Laidlaw is the Senior M&A Advisor for APAC within Flippa's global M&A advisory team.

Flippa helps business owners in exiting and enables investors to acquire top-tier online businesses seamlessly. They claim to be the number one M&A platform for online businesses, combining expert global advisory services with cutting-edge technology.

👋🏼  How would you explain your job to someone outside tech?

As an M&A Broker at Flippa I facilitate the buying and selling of online businesses, acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.

I assess the value of businesses, market them to potential buyers, and negotiate deals to achieve the best outcome for my clients. This involves conducting due diligence, preparing documentation, and navigating the legal and financial complexities of online M&A.

🧐  What's something about you or your job that would surprise us?

Something surprising is that 70% of the transactions we do at Flippa are cross-border acquisitions.

I have done many cross-border deals including New Zealand sellers to a US buyer or a Thailand seller to an Indian buyer.

🏆  What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

I'd say one of the standout moments for me has been the chance to work with Flippa across various global regions, with a special focus on our recent expansion into Asia.

As I've delved into the Asian market, I've noticed that many business owners aren't aware of the opportunities for online mergers and acquisitions or don't find them easily accessible.

Engaging with diverse cultures and enlightening founders worldwide about the possibility of exiting their businesses, thereby aiding them in transitioning to the next phase of their lives, has consistently been a rewarding highlight for me.

🔍  What's a startup trend or space you're watching this year?

The trend I am watching is sustainable-focused tech.

With a growing consumer demand for sustainable products, I anticipate a rise in e-commerce businesses catering to this niche.

Additionally, there will likely be ongoing development of apps and SaaS targeting both consumers and businesses, aimed at enhancing sustainability across various industries.

Already, I've observed innovations in sectors like agriculture, climate control, and household technology aligning with this trend.

💼  What advice would you give someone starting out in your industry?

For those embarking on a journey in M&A, my advice would be to prioritize understanding your client's business thoroughly.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding, you can accurately represent the business and identify the most fitting buyer for their needs. This approach ensures that you not only present the business authentically but also facilitate the best match between buyer and seller.

🗣  What's one thing you can keep talking about for hours?

My nephew and nieces. I currently have seven nephew and nieces and they are such an important part of my world.

🎥  What's your favorite movie/TV show?

While I don't have a specific favorite, I'm a big fan of crime content, so I'm always diving into the latest Netflix crime documentaries.

🍨  What's your go-to ice cream flavor?

Cookies and Cream

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